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For years you've been dreaming of launching a business of your own. But the thought of leaving your stable, high-paying, salaried job leaves you filled with uncertainty

You've been watching other people live out their dreams as you scroll through instagram at your desk. You know deep down you're made for something bigger than this.  Right? This can't be it? 

But the thought of actually quitting your stable 9-5 and risking everything to pursue your dreams feels... well, scary. 

If this sounds like you... YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Performing well at your job, but feeling burnt out

You're earning good money and climbing the corporate ladder, but you question yourself every day wondering is this all I'm destined for?

Feeling frustrated as you watch others pursue their dreams

You kick yourself for not taking action sooner.  But the thought of actually starting a business feels unattainable. 

Unsure of how to balance everything if you do try to pursue entrepreneurship

Your heart pulls you one way, while your logical (doubting) mind pulls you another way. You may be facing obstacles such as a lack of time, energy, and clarity, leaving you feeling trapped and frustrated.

As an unfulfilled employee you might be...

You have one life to live. Your dreams are worth it. You are worth it.

 Courage is what separates daydreams from reality. Those who are afraid to fail, so often stay stuck right where they are. The "comfort zone" is where dreams go to die

If your life is good, but you know you were destined for something unbelievably remarkable,  I encourage you to book a free dream call with me so we can chat about your vision..

It's time you stepped out on your own to create work that is meaningful and utilizes the gifts you have been given

Great journeys begin with the first step. It's time you took yours.

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How it Works

Based on a decade of pursuing my own entrepreneurial endeavors, working with hundreds of small business owners, and investing thousands of hours (and dollars) in courses and coaching, I've created an 8-step framework to guide you out of corporate and into the world of entrepreneurship. 

In 2022 I quit corporate with a baby in my arms, a toddler at my feet, and a dream in my head and built a business that was able to match my highest paying corporate salary in the first year working just 16 hours/week. You can do it too!

Through this framework, you will learn what it takes to create a sustainable, thriving, service-based business that solves real problems for real people. And in turn, leads to real money

Over the course of eight weeks I will guide you to discover, and monetize, your true gifts. These are gifts you may be blind to because they come so naturally to you - and we will work together to create a sustainable, profitable, and fulfilling business model that will be your ticket out of corporate

Employee to Entrepreneur in 8 weeks

Product Designer
Group coaching participant spring 2024

Hear what past participants have to say...

"I can't say enough great things about Erin's coaching program. As someone who is in the early stages of starting a business, I was nervous to take a jump into the course but I'm so glad I did! It was so nice having a group of like minded ladies give feedback and advice along with Erin's valuable exercises that you can reference time & time again." 

Yoga Instructor
Group coaching participant spring 2024

"I would take this program over and over and over again as I grow throughout my business. It is so valuable and I am so grateful for Erin and all of her hard work."

Marissa Rowell

Kasey Bohnert

Founder, Consuming Conscious
GROUP coaching participant spring 2024

Liz Donovan

"Without this coaching program I wouldn't be a business owner yet. Now three weeks after the program I have an LLC, I have a domain, I'm starting on my website. It's all the things I wanted because I simply needed to get started. And Erin helped me do all that." 

In this 8 week program you will...

Uncover your unique gifts, identify the problem you solve, and who you solve it for

Monetize your offers and price them strategically

Create a high-converting digital presence to promote your services

Build funnels that provide valuable, free resources to grow your reach

Strategize your content creation efforts for a high ROI

Build systems to support your Growing business

Learn how to keep scalability in mind from day one

Discover what it means to thrive as an entrepreneur

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Imagine for a moment...

You've completed the program and quit your job.

Imagine creating a life that you look forward to waking up to each day. Imagine building a business that only requires you to work as much as YOU want to. Imagine earning more money than you've ever earned doing work that lights you up. Imagine spending more time with the people you love while feeling financially secure. You can create this. 

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"Erin Pratt is a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for women in business."

 She has transformed my perspective and propelled me towards success in ways I didn't think were possible. Thank goodness she is leaning into her gift to guide. She is a true visionary!
- Natalie V.

  • 8 weeks of live, 90 minute, recorded group coaching sessions 
  • Ongoing support between sessions via Whatsapp 
  • Bonus sessions led by guest experts on topics including: SEO, Pinterest, Finance & Systems 
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates 
  • Lifetime access to the Members Only Facebook Group 
  • Lifetime access to Whatsapp group chat with ongoing community support 


  • Exclusive discounts to recommended systems and tools
  • Interactive frameworks and templates to guide you through the program 
  • Canva & Trello templates for social media and content planning
  • Flodesk tutorial for email marketing setup

What's Included In The Program


More From Past Participants...

Meet Erin Pratt

Erin Pratt is an expert coach, award-winning website designer, and girl mom. With over a decade of experience, she has guided hundreds of people spanning the globe to take the leap and pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. Her clients have been featured in top media outlets like The New York Times, npr, Southern Living, and TedX.

As the Founder of Ivy Lynne Studio, she provides coaching and website services designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs build a business that is both profitable and fulfilling. Erin holds a master's degree in education and is passionate about creating frameworks to guide others to success. Her insights have been featured in multiple podcasts where she outlines the steps it takes to create a sustainable service-based business. She’s been invited to speak at live events on topics like female empowerment, turning passion into profit, and discovering your side hustle. She was recently recognized as Best of South Carolina 2024 in the web design category.

In 2019 she also became a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and is deeply committed to helping others create a life that feels good internally and externally. Erin is on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs discover the path to creating lasting wealth and fulfillment without having to work 40 hours/week.

A Personal Note from Erin

Investing in yourself is always a big deal. Parting with hard-earned money can bring up feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, and fear. I get it. I've been there too. Here is what I want you to know: Your dreams are worth it. YOU are worth the investment.

If you're on this page, you likely have BIG goals and a beautiful vision for your future. You have a message to share with the world. It needs to be shared. Hold on to that. Believe in yourself. And think of all the people YOU will impact because you pursued what matters to you.

By making this investment, you are laying the foundation for a business that could potentially earn you more than you've ever made before. You will be amazed at what you're capable of. I know that with all of my heart. We so often underestimate ourselves.

Trust in yourself that you will MORE than earn this investment back. Put in the work, and watch your life transform.

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